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Juul 20 December 2020 I really enjoyed working with you! You are very good, kind and decent people! I’m glad to meet you. I will come back to you often, if you don’t mind. Thank you so much for everything! view proof
Ariana 02 November 2020 thank you, you are wonderful, I really appreciate your support and kindness❤ view proof
Olya 26 October 2020 I have fun for the first time at work. Thank you for so good job! xx view proof
Jessica 15 September 2020 Darling, your client is very nice! thank you very much! X Send me more jobs. Palace is good agency! Xx view proof
Adelina 01 March 2020 for me you were the best. Care, attention, advices, making money. your the best. view proof
Nina 29 December 2019 Я сейчас в Лондоне (уже три недели), я пришла работать только с PalaceVIP. Они мне нашли красивую квартиру в Knightsbridge и я каждый день получала хорошие работы.Но русский менеджер уговорил меня оставить PalaceVIP. Я ушла в нехорошую квартиру и работала с нехорошими клиентами к сравнению с Pala... view proof
Anca 25 June 2019 "Thanks again. Great team and agency." view proof
Duda 23 March 2019 "You are amazing. Ohhhhh my god" view proof
Lisa 16 February 2019 "I was surprised by your work, you're in congratulations, you've done miracles in the photos." view proof
Lina 15 February 2019 "Wow ! It's amazing photos !!! Photoshooting by James it's really the best one !" view proof
Izabell 30 December 2018 "You're one of the best people I've met. I'm very grateful for everything. Thank you for giving me the opportunity!" view proof
Mitchelle 08 November 2018 "You treat the girls super nice... And I recommend all the people this agency." view proof
Kisha 06 September 2018 " Amanda I would like to say thank you for all your help and for sure I will contact you again when I will be back! You and your team are very professional and it was a pleasure to work with you! Thank you for everything and I'm looking forward to collaborate again when I'm back!" view proof
Valentina 13 June 2018 Great agency! Very professional, fair and helpful! Pleasure working with you! view proof
Samantha 17 May 2018 " I just want to say thank to you guys for being always helpful, nice and for the amount of jobs you have given to me. Thank you to Amanda for being so nice, tolerating and caring with me and for always answering all my questions! Thank you guys! " view proof
Valeria 16 April 2018 "Thank you for the work! Very nice and comfortable it was to work with you! You are true professional!" view proof
Inna 26 March 2018 " Hello everyone. I just want to share with you my good feelings and greatness appreciation about PalaceVIP. Yes, they are VIP. It doesn't matter if you work for them or use their services, they are very professional and ACCURATE. I have already recommended to my best friends." view proof
Olesia 21 February 2018 "Great website, decent price and a good job! Thank you! Was a pleasure to work with you, will recommend your site to friends!" view proof
Alisia 08 February 2018 " I wanted to say to you thank you so much. For you English which I understand, for your tolerance and answering on my questions. You are very kind, I feel. It's pleasure to work with you. Thank you!" view proof
Anabelle 31 January 2018 "Hey, I love working with you guys, have been very busy and I'm glad to keep busy. Thank you for all the help, barely having time to be realy, thank you!" view proof
Amma 01 December 2017 "Amanda is the best. She gives honest and professional advice and helped me to be independent from any agency!" view proof
Alison 28 July 2017 " I have been in contact with Amanda almost since the very beginning of my career. She was my first contact and was always polite to me, made me understand what I need to do to improve myself in order to bring me more success in the career. I have met her only twice, but she was always sweet and ... view proof
Amanda 21 July 2017 " I'm very glad to work with Amanda. She has amazing customers and provide a very good service. I like the way she collaborate and work, in an effective way between girls and clients. Very trustful and quality customers, services. Amanda is very helpful and has good customers service skills." view proof
Antonella 10 July 2017 " Amanda, thank you for everything, you're helping me a lot!" view proof
Liz 15 June 2017 "I'd like to say a few words about Amanda, I want to thank her for the attention and patience that she always had with me and my friends. Extremely professional and polite. Amanda thank you so much!" view proof
Blaire 31 May 2017 "Amanda, I just want to thank you for everything! You always recognise the importance of listening and care about girl (especially me), it made me feel confident about myself again our chats, being comprehensive always when I need with great care. I pride myself to feel free to count on you alwa... view proof
Megan 02 May 2017 "It is always a pleasure to work with Palace VIP. Their customers are gentlemen's and I can always count on the service they provide to be helpful, fair and proffessional. All in a quality agency!" view proof
Marina 13 March 2017 '' Thank you very much for the opportunity to work with you! You are a very good agency! All your team is very professional and nice. I am very grateful for this chance! Thanks again! '' view proof
Veronica 25 January 2017 '' You agency is the best! I didn't believe my friend when she said that, but now I know that you guys are the best! Very honest and professional! I am so happy that I am working with you, because you have very good jobs and helped me a lot. Thank you very much PalaceVIP! '' view proof
Thais 07 October 2016 ”I just want to work for one agency which is yours. I believe your agency it's very professional. It's good enough for me, I don't need others" view proof
Danielle 26 September 2016 ” I appreciate PalaceVIP agency and the staff. They are correct and they give good jobs! They are always available for the girls and this is very important! I like working with them! ” view proof
Francesca 12 September 2016 ” Verry professional staff, everything very well explained, very big difference with another agencies in all the ways. Thanks a lot for everything you have done to me till now PalaceVIP!! ” view proof
Roberta 5 September 2016 ”I am very happy to work with you. I have been getting nice jobs and meeting nice people through this agency. I appreciate all of your support and confidence you have placed in me !!” view proof
Claire 25 August 2016 ”My jobs with you are great! You are great!” view proof
Isabella 14 June 2016 ”I was talking to my friends in Brazil about which agency is the best. Several people said if you have any problems you can ask Tony for help. He will help you. No other agency cares. Tony is good person, he cares and don”t ask nothing for his help. When I arrived in London I found out it”s... view proof
Anette 25 April 2016 I work for the top agencies in London and I realised the best is PalaceVIP. They have very professional team and good customers. I really was happy to work with them and I would like to tell thanks to PalaceVIP for all good experience!!! view proof
Miranda 31 March 2016 A great agency. Manager help me to get the best photos wow. They are amazing. And give good job. Very happy. And I introduce by friend also to photographer. They are very kind people. And helpful. Very professional. All the best Miranda view proof
Cindy 29 February 2016 The best agency! They help me a lot. I was new and I didn't know the rules but they explain me everything step by step. Another agency don't explain you nothing. Palace VIP it's very professional. Thank you so much for everything! view proof
Clara 5 January 2016 You are the only agency that take off my pictures when i ask! I asked all the agencies to take off and most of them didnt do it. You were the only honest bb. :) view proof
Sabrina 13 December 2015 The best agency and the best manager, they have very good jobs. The manager helped me a lot being very friendly with us all... Thanks for all. view proof
Sarah 29 November 2015 The manager is kindest person that I have meet in London. Thank you very much for helping me and asking nothing in return. Such kinds is hard to find anywhere. view proof
Rasha 2 November 2015 The best agency ever. They have very good jobs. When I arrived in London gave me all support to start work. They gave me advice on how to work and be professional. I am grateful for all thanks view proof
Nicole 8 October 2015 One of the best agencies. My friend introduce me and everything is good :) view proof
Amy 11 September 2015 I only work now with PalaceVIP because other agencies charged me 50% commission. And the manager os PalaceVIP give me good work and is very professional. I respect them very much and I inviting my friends to work for them also. You are the best. Thank you for your help. view proof
Nataly 8 September 2015 I want to say thank you for PalaceVIP so much. Other agencies lied to me and made problems for me. PalaceVIP is the best agency in London. They are by far the best to work with. I stay in London because of their help when other agencies didn”t give jobs and just make me to loose my money. view proof
Clara 3 September 2015 PalaceVIP is very professional agency. They give me the most help and advice. No other agency even was like them. They are the best agency in london. And their clients is very nice compared to other agencies. view proof
Zara 30 August 2015 I want to tell you that you are the best Agency in london. Some girls told me but I didnt beleive it. But now I working with you I see are the best, Thank you for your help and advice. view proof
Lana 16 July 2015 "PalaceVIP treated me so well and welcomed me. If someone has not worked for PalaceVIP agency can ensure that it is a responsible and honest agency. just be patient. Thanks also for having given me this opportunity. It is an honor to work with a team that meets his word and that makes you feel sa... view proof
Chloe 15 July 2015 "PalaceVIP is one of the best agencies Ive been working with and thats because of its Managers who have always been responsible and reliable. Good Job Guys! view proof
Wendy 06 June 2015 "Hi,I am working with this agency from a long time, Best in work. I must say this is the best agency in work. Best communication, Best care, Everything on time, they do all this with lots love and care. view proof
Samanta 02 July 2015 "The best agency in london... Managers very nice and kind to us girls. They give us all the support and best advices. Im happy to work with PalaceVIP agency because I think is the perfect combination of professionalism and seriousness view proof

Client Testimonials

Mr. T.
Mr. T. 29 December 2020 “Thank you so much - a wonderful person and even prettier in real life than the actual photos! Very much appreciated and look forward to booking with you again!” view proof
Mr. B
Mr. B 23 December 2020 She was great! Pretty, fit and a nice companion. Great recommendation! view proof
Mr. J
Mr. J 20 December 2020 I have to say what an amazing girl!
Mr. C
Mr. C 20 December 2020 Great! Thanks for your help! view proof
Tim 12 October 2020 Thanks for arranging. So far last 4 girls I’ve seen from you have been good to excellent. So thanks! view proof
Alberto 29 September 2020 Simply, Fantastic Thank you x view proof
Pierre 16 September 2020 Such a very good lady and very polite. Thank you Sara! view proof
Alex 02 September 2020 Thank you for the last night. She was very nice girl, classy and friendly. view proof
George 14 May 2020 Last time my experience was very good with you guys! view proof
Dimitri 13 July 2020 I spent a wonderful time with Valentina and certainly will visit her again once I am able to. Thanks for making the arrangements! view proof
Claudio 09 July 2020 Thanks for organising - she’s special! view proof
Lucas 22 June 2020 Very knowledgeable historian on Russia’s revolution, thank you so much! view proof
Daniel 08 August 2020 Thanks for arranging! They are fantastic ladies! view proof
Brian 06 December 2019 "No worries. Always liked your friendly service and recommendations." view proof
Peter 06 December 2019 "Thanks it was a very very nice evening. The girl is educated and beautiful. Your agency is the best in London, very professional"view proof
Mr. M
Mr. M 12 July 2019 "Undoubtedly the most professional, efficient and quality service I have received in London from an agency so far"view proof
Michael 30 June 2019 "Thanks. You are the best in London."view proof
Mr. D.
Mr. D. 05 July 2018 " She is the most beautiful girl ever. Thank you. What a lovely girl! You the best!"view proof
S. 13 March 2018 "Thank you. You are a great escort company!"view proof
J. 31 January 2018 "Very friendly, very good and highly recommended xx"view proof
Peter 01 December 2017 "She was a real deal, thank you." view proof
P. 02 October 2017 "Without words. The best girl which I met in London. Thanks a lot!"view proof
G. 26 September 2017 "Great suggestion, thank you!"view proof
Robert 22 July 2017 " She is gorgeous! A special girl. Well done Amanda!"view proof
Dan 08 July 2017 " She was very good, a lovely lady. Great time. Thanks!"view proof
Michael 31 May 2017 ””Excellent girl. Very good recommendation!””view proof
A. 01 May 2017 "One of the best I have met. Excellent recommendation!"view proof
Nick 18 February 2017 '' She was the sweetest one yet! Absolutely stunning! Better than anyone I have tried yet! I usually go for blondes but this girl is extra special, because she is also naturally sweet! Like a best friend! Thank you for suggesting her! You have the best service in town! Thanks! ''view proof
Moe 13 July 2015 "Tony, thank you for sending me Nicky. She is amazing, Good recommendations every time. Back in September.view proof
G. 08 June 2015 I have been a customer of this agency since 2004, I have seen many ladies, all in their own right marvellous, All are Funny, Adorable, Charming, Sensual, Sexy these maybe the ramblings of an mesmerised man.
Bobby 04 June 2015 Many thanks for arranging the model to visit me. She’s a wonderful addition to the Night and Day family.

Competitor Comments

london69escorts 08 July 2015 "Good Agency. Good Managers. Great work. They are professional and have good business ideas. Wish them best of luck."
Chloe - GFP
Chloe - GFP 01 June 2013 "Palacevip is doing remarkable and awesome work. Other agencies talk allot of crazy things but I have respect for what PalaceVIP has done. We have been around for much longer and they are relatively new. Good Job!" Chloe.